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Luc Morjeau

Luc Morjaeu (pronounced Mor-yoe) was born January 11, 1960 in the Belgian town of Niel. He studied Free Graphics at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the National Higher Institute of Antwerp.


His track record shows many comics, e.g. JACOBUS EN CORNEEL, ERIK OF HET KLEIN INSECTENBOEK, DE FAMILIE BACKELJAU, BIEP EN ZWIEP, M-KIDS, RAFKE DE RAAF and SABATINNI. Apart from that, he has contributed to Flemish comic series, such as BIEBEL, KAS, SPRING and JOMMEKE (the latter for Studio Jef Neys). For the Belgian STUDIO 100, he created SAMSON&GERT, PIET PIRAAT, BUMBA and MAYA.


In 2005, Luc Morjaeu was asked by STUDIO VANDERSTEEN to lead its drawing team. To this day, he is following in Vandersteen’s footsteps with SUSKE en WISKE (Spike and Suzy), the most popular comic in the Benelux.