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New entries in Portfolio

There are some new entries in "Specials", "Paintings" and "Covers" and on top of that, "Commercial Work" was added.

{$msgWrittenBy|ucfirst|sprintf=''} Luc Morjaeu on
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Shopacomic in 'Brabant Strip'

Brabant Strip’s latest issue includes a two-page interview with yours truly about Shopacomic. It comes with a number of illustrations by Shopacomic artists. Take a look at the Shopacomic site and get yourself an artwork by an upcoming or known talent. One can never have too much support and encouragement.
Some extracts from the interview:


“Collectors and artists meet at”
Luc Morjaeu, cartoonist of Suske & Wiske, decided years ago to pursue a drawing career and has learnt how to go about it. He is now using that experience to give other artists the opportunity to make their talents pay off. Not surprisingly, he is the founder of the website.

Nine years ago, BS had a scoop: you were to become the new head of Studio Vandersteen. A dream come true?
Yes, incredible … It came as a big surprise. I had never applied for the position, but all of a sudden I was invited to a meeting with Leen Vandersteen. I had never really had the opportunity to speak with Willy Vandersteen himself, and I realized that meeting his daughter was as close as I was ever going to get to him. The rest is history.

Is Shopacomic a commercial incentive or is there more to it than that?
One mustn’t underestimate the power of commercial success. It could be just what the artist needs to get that extra nudge to keep going. To me, that is a pure way of working. A relationship is established, one that has been around for centuries: the mecenas, the collector, meets the artist and provides support. Many great artists have made their name this way. It is a very personal way of showing that one likes the artist’s work and that one wishes for them to proceed. In doing so, one establishes a personal relationship with that particular artist. Moreover, buying an low-priced original artwork of an upcoming talent could prove to be a good investment in due time. That is why we do not want a share of the profit. is but a medium to connect artists with their audience. The site is not involved in anything other than that.